Atlantis – the name says it all

Atlantis is a not-for-profit association which, under Belgian law, is only committed to  the ideal. Any profits must be invested in the association and its remit. Control is subject to the members of the association, who are legally liable with their private assets.

The story of Atlantis began in 1983. Ten years after training to become a Tomatis therapist, for legal reasons Jozef Vervoort founded a not-for-profit association. Treatment began with two children in private rooms at Christmas '83.

Soon the private house no longer sufficed, treatment rooms were rented, as was  accommodation for guests. The association has owned a former hotel in the city centre since 1996. Premises in the immediate neighbourhood were added in early 2000.

The Institute got its name by a lucky coincidence. Vervoort was looking for a first name. He did not want a generic name such as ‘Hearing Centre’ or Centre for Audio-Phonology'. Six month later, Jozef Vervoort came across a book about the 'legendary island state of Atlantis'. That was it: ATLANTIS. The name says it all : In the Atlantis Centre they try to uncover the hidden treasures of their guests – children and adults alike.