Passionate employees

The Atlantis therapy center is run by Jozef and Astrid Vervoort. They are supported on a daily basis by a large team of passionate employees, all of whom are experts in their field. In addition to Tomatis therapists, the Atlantis family also includes Special Education teachers, social educators and therapists who possess in-depth training in the following skills:

• Language and communication (reading comprehension, reading techniques, spelling rules,  letterboard, vocabulary)
• Speech (pronunciation and oral motor exercises)
• acquisition and automatization of new knowledge
• breathing exercises
• (fine) motor exercises

Jozef Vervoort
The heart and soul of Atlantis! What once arose as a dream to help as many people as possible has today become the world's largest center in the field of auditory brain stimulation (also known as Tomatis therapy). Even after more than 45 years working with the method, Jozef can still be found every day at the center, where he gives every fiber of himself with heart and soul.
Jozef was the Principal of four elementary schools for 25 years. His educational work as a primary school teacher included a specialization in the integration of children with learning and developmental disabilities.
With the help of his team, he has successfully treated more than 30,000 children and more than 8,000 adults. Jozef and his daughter Astrid train therapists on a global scale and give lectures to spread the true Tomatis method.

Astrid Vervoort
Jozef’s daughter and right hand. Astrid "practiced" the method prior to her own birth! Indeed, she was the first fetus to ever receive the Tomatis method. According to her father, this has "anchored the method in every cell of her body". And she has such a sunny personality! As a child, she dreamed of following in her father's footsteps and learned all the tricks of the trade at a very tender age. In addition to her work as a Tomatis therapist, Astrid is a graduate elementary school teacher. She and her father are responsible for the daily management of the institute.

Didier Punie
Jozef’s son-in-law of and Astrid’s husband. After studying communications science and pedagogy, Didier “caught” the “Tomatis virus” at his wife’s sidaut. He is responsible for the accounting and invoicing department of MBL, the international network of therapists, events such as training and conferences, and the sales and distribution of our specialized equipment. Didier mainly works at Mozart-Brain-Lab - our second center - yet, he is frequently found at Atlantis, where he tests children, gives listening test training, and handles adults’ therapy.

Our team of therapists:

Jacob Hertigers

- One of the therapists of Atlantis’ first hour.
- Discusses listening tests with parents
- Creates individual therapy plans
- Monitors children and adults

Dirk De Meulenaere

- Discusses listening tests with parents
- Creates individual therapy plans
- Monitors children and adults
- Manages human resources and staff

Stéphanie, Vanessa, Vlasta and Martien kindly welcome you at the reception desk. They will help you with keys, booking, bedding packages, invoices, etc. ... In short they are always there for you! They are all multilingual and can help you in Dutch, French, German, and English.
Our interpreter, Zaur, is responsible for the Russian customers. He guides and helps everyone with questions about the therapy, steps to obtain and fill out visas and other important documents, and general support.
Our cleaning staff consists of Françoise en Caroline. They ensure that all rooms are spotlessly clean. They also take care of the therapy rooms to the last detail!
Our handymen, Luc and Jo ensure that everything always works well in the buildings,accommodation, and therapy rooms. They are also our techies!
Therapists in the center of Atlantis
- Brain Mappings
- Operation of the equipment at the children center
- Operation of the equipment at the adult center
- Listening tests
- Work with the children at the children's center
- Work with the children during the active phase
- Bal-A-Vis X with the children
- Individual exercises with the children: reading, writing, arithmetic, ...
- Helping the children build fine motor skills
- C-EYE exercises with the children.