First hear - then belong

The therapy according to Tomatis pursues many objectives; it

  • trains auditory processing
  • improves perceptual capacity
  • stimulates the motor function
  • increases concentration
  • improves speech
  • changes behaviour
  • gives energy
  • regulates vegetative balance
  • supports rehabilitation
  • optimises residual hearing
  • facilitates the learning of a foreign language

To achieve these goals a personalised hearing programme is set up depending on the problems of each particular individual. The early stages in the development of hearing, in which the majority of auditory processing disorders occur, are generally repeated. The Brain Activator has the important task of processing music by Mozart, Gregorian chant or the mother’s voice so that it stimulates the brain and has a positive effect on the neural networks. This gives rise to new ways of hearing as well as new communication and behaviour pattern. That the Tomatis listening programme can be implemented as a cure in peace and quiet, far removed from daily life, has proved its worth. Intensive listening with many recovery periods in between contributes to the success of the treatment.