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Therapy Centre for auditory brain stimulation


The world's largest therapy centre for Auditory Brain stimulation according to the principles of Prof. Tomatis.

Welcome to ATLANTIS, the world's largest centre for Auditory Brain Stimulation according to the principles of Prof. Tomatis. We use this special method to help children and adults with a variety of problems.


Under the leadership of Jozef Vervoort, the official successor of Prof. Alfred A. Tomatis, and his daughter, Astrid Vervoort, many families receive help and support from Atlantis.

Our team

Jozef and Astrid Vervoort run the Atlantis VZW Centre. They are assisted on a daily basis by a large team of passionate employees, all of whom have extensive knowledge in their field.

Prof. Alfred Tomatis 1920 - 2001

French Nose, Throat and Ear physician, researcher, and professor of linguistics 
Founder of Audio-Psycho

about us
Jozef Vervoort
founder and chairman


With more than 40 years of experience, he leads a team of professional therapists. 



Atlantis is located in Sint-Truiden


Atlantis is located in the center of Sint-Truiden, a welcoming historic town in the fertile Haspengouw region. 

about us
A day of therapy at Atlantis

Go behind the scenes and follow us throughout a therapy day at Atlantis



Auditory Brain Stimulation uses specialized equipment to stimulate your brain. Think of it as a listening workout that activates your ear, and by extension, your brain. The main function of our devices is to alternately amplify and attenuate high and low frequencies in the music in order to train the hearing and balance systems. Since the ear is connected to the brain, these auditory impulses improve auditory processing and activate the brain.

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