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Complementary therapies at Atlantis

At Atlantis, we know that we can get greater results from Auditory Brain Stimulation when we supplement a specific program with additional methods. Brain stimulation remains the foundation, which creates new connections or restore lost ones. But to really help children and adults reach their full potential, we can add all kinds of additional therapies. Combining these with the listening training will bring about change faster and more efficiently. Moreover, all these therapies are free of charge when combined with the listening sessions.


Children listen while exercising on this "reverse bike". This gives a huge boost to the prefrontal lobe, motor arc and cerebellum. Motor skills, coordination, structures of time, space, rhythm and order (mathematics) improve accordingly.


Mechanical horse

improves posture, body tone and balance, and significantly reduces back pain. For optimal results the mechanical horse is always used in combination with auditory brain stimulation.

Bal a vis

allows simultaneous training of balance, auditory and visual systems. These exercises also stimulate concentration and hand-eye coordination.


Individuel exercises

At the Centre, we also offer individual tutoring, such as the letter board, which speeds up reading and writing through careful sound analysis and synthesis. The number board helps with arithmetic problems and number recognition.
Oral motor exercises improve pronunciation and control of the muscles in and around the mouth. 
Occupational therapy exercises help improve writing motor skills.


This device teaches motor memory for upright posture and walking. 



This device helps stimulate the brain with exercises that use the visual system. The client solves various tasks by using only their eyes. The system can also be used as a means pof communication for non-verbal people.

Accompanying program for one of the parents 

Mom, or Dad, may experience the positive effects of auditory brain stimulation with a free accompanying program that helps reduce stress and provides a mental boost.

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