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Colorful Books

Learn more about Auditory Brain Stimulation and the Tomatis Principles in the following publications:

A guide to Prof. Afred A. Tomatis Method by Jozef Vervoort and Astrid Vervoort.

Softcover English €27 + shipping


LISTEN to LIVE – our Brain and Music
The Tomatis Listening training and therapy
Martien de Voigt and Jozef Vervoort

Hardcover 214p. / English, German, Dutch.

€ 49 + shipping

Why we have two ears

Dr. Jürgen Zastrow

Softcover 50p. / Engish, German

€12 + shipping

book of amadeus

The adventures of Amadeus 

Astrid Vervoort 

Softcover 58p. / Dutch, English, French, German

€ 9.50 + shipping

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