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A day at Atlantis

Follow us throughout a day at Atlantis. Discover our Centre, experience the therapy, and learn about the ins and outs of our non-profit organization.

07.30 am

Start your morning with a breakfast at our cozy cafeteria. Enjoy yummy sandwiches with delicious toppings, hot coffee, or a glass of fruit juice or milk. You'll be good to go for the day.


08.30 am

Walk in through our reception and sign in. Then, it all starts with a psychological listening test, followed by a consultation with the therapist, who will discuss a therapy plan with you and will guide you throughout the Auditory Brain Stimulation.

10.00 am

From this point on, the day is divided into 3 blocks of an hour and a half each. Group 1 starts at 8:30 and group 2 at 10:00. The rhythm of listening sessions that promises the best results is 90 minutes of listening followed by a

90-minute pause.


11.30 am

During the break, it is best to do physical exercise as much as possible. Children will have a great time in our outdoor and indoor playgrounds with ball pool. Adults can enjoy Sint-Truiden's numerous parks and its cultural heritage.

01.00 pm

The second listening block begins. Immerse yourself in the method while resting or doing creative crafts, painting, drawing, puzzles, or board games. We do not recommend to read, do math, write, eat, drink, or speak, during a listening session.


02.30 pm

The breaks are as important as the actual therapy. Your brain and nervous system need to rest. Try to avoid smartphones, laptops and TV as much as possible.

04.00 pm

This is the last listening block. Throughout the day you can also enjoy various free complementary therapies: GigerMD, Therapeutic Mechanical Horse, Ball-A-Vis X, C-EYE, Skywalker, reading and writing exercises, letter board, number board, ...


05.30 pm

Your last listening session is coming to an end. You are done for the day. It is important to avoid low frequencies as much as possible after the therapy. So, please, wait at least an hour before driving or riding a car or train, so that the method can do its work properly.

07.00 pm

You can prepare dinner in your lodging. Hotel guests can either eat in the city or heat a meal in their room. The Institute is close to the city center, so you can easily explore the many restaurants and bistros.


10.00 pm

We offer night therapy for children who are unable to wear headphones during the day or who need extra therapy. This is truly unique as it gives all children the chance to enjoy the benefits of the therapy.

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