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Why do we have two ears? To hear, of course, you will answer. The ear has several functions: it ensures good balance, an upright posture, better body control, and harmonious movements. It contributes to speech development and communication. It also plays a central role in "charging" the brain with "energy", and fundamentally influences our well-being. Of all our senses, the ear occupies a crucial position.
French ENT specialist Professor Alfred Tomatis, is the founder of the branch of science called Audio-Psycho-Phonology (APP). APP defines the interrelation between ear, speech formation, body and psyche. Tomatis has developed a very effective treatment method for hearing perception problems that underlie many disorders. The music of W. A. Mozart, Gregorian chant, and the recording of the maternal voice, systematically stimulate and train the auditory perception through the sense of hearing and balance. At the heart of this method is the Brain Activator, a further development of the "Electronic Ear". Its numerous applications can help resolve and correct faulty hearing patterns.


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