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Atlantis VZW

Atlantis vzw is a non-profit organization that strives for the ideal of helping as many children and families as possible with the Auditory Brain Stimulation method according to the principles of Prof. Tomatis. As a non-profit association, Atlantis has the legal obligation to reinvest all earned income back into the institution.



The story of Atlantis starts in 1983. Ten years after his training as a qualified Tomatis therapist, Jozef Vervoort founded the non-profit organization. At the time he was still director of 4 primary schools in Sint-Truiden. On Christmas 1983, the first two children were treated at his home. Due to the great results obtained, the private home quickly became too small and therapy rooms had to be rented, and shortly afterwards, rooms for the guests as well. In 1996, the association was able to acquire a former hotel in the heart the city. A dream location, which allowed therapy and overnight stays to be combined in the same place.​


The institute owes its name to a fortunate coincidence: Jozef was looking for a good name for the institute. He did not want a generic name like "Listening Center" or "Center for Audio Phonology". Then, by chance, a book about "the sunken kingdom of Atlantis" fell into his hands. That was it! Atlantis would become the name of the Centre. At Atlantis, we concentrate all our efforts on bringing up to the surface the hidden treasures of young and old alike.

The Atlantis logo

In the logo, too, we see a recurring symbolism: the mother-child duality, diving together into the subconscious and emerging together as reborn.

Our mascot Amadeus

Our sweet mascot guides the children through the center. Amadeus walks with them through the magical forest, scurries over the beach and shows the way into the underwater world.
The listening rooms are also themed. Astrid created a comic book that allows children to experience the adventure world of Amadeus. This way, it becomes clear to every child that it is completely normal to work on imperfections and that everyone is very special in their own way. 

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