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Our team

The therapists

The therapists at the Atlantis Center

  • Perform Brain Mappings 

  • Operate the equipment in the children's Centre

  • Operate the equipment in the adult Centre

  • Perform listening tests

  • Work with children in the children's Centre during the active phase, 

  • which includes:

  • Ball-A-Vis X exercises

  • Individual exercises such as reading, writing, arithmetic, etc.

  • Fine motor skills stimulation

  • C-EYE exercises

The staff

are jointly responsible for the daily operations at Atlantis vzw

At the reception, you will get a friendly welcome from Stéphanie, Amber, Vanessa, Vlasta and Martien. You may request their help for room keys, booking, laundry, packages, invoices, etc. In short, they are always there for you!


They are all multilingual and can help you in Dutch, French, German or English. Our Russian customers may address their needs to our interpreter, Zaur. He will guide and help everyone with questions about the therapy, but can also help with visas and other important documents and support. Our cleaning staff make sure that all rooms are neat and clean and maintain the therapy rooms to perfection! Our handymen, Jo and Bruno, ensure that everything runs smoothly in the buildings, rooms and therapy areas. They are also in charge of technical issues!


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