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The center

The center

Atlantis, our mother-institute, was created as a non-profit association on December 26, 1983, after J. Vervoort's oldest son was successfully treated by Prof. Tomatis and his method. Due to a rapid influx of international clients, it soon became necessary to find a new location, which would also serve as a training and research center. This led to the opening of Mozart Brain Lab, founded by Jozef Vervoort in 2002.​

At the historic building, located opposite Sint-Truiden railways station, we practice auditory brain stimulation exactly as at Atlantis. MBL is also responsible for other essential tasks, such as training therapists, developing and providing our specialized electronic equipment, and managing our international network. The building also houses a museum, dedicated to Professor Tomatis.

The flagship feature of MBL is innovative brain diagnostic, carried out via QEEG (Brain Mapping). Thanks to the functional interpretation of 3D images of brain waves, MBL is able to produce and publish scientific studies


In order to bridge the gap between general medicine and the specific branch of science called Audio Psycho Phonology, we collaborate with various universities, doctors and neurologists.


Jozef and Astrid give lectures and courses all over the world to promote the method.

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